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A mixed week

March 29, 2013

This week was week 4 of our attempt to start an Aikido club at Balby Carr community sports college, and yet again there was no students.

I usually get a text if Chris (our only student) is working, but I had not heard from him, so I assumed he was training and paid the hall fess, and set out the mats.

I ended up just going through some suburi and kata, then did some cardio work.

The venue, I think is one of the factors in this soon to be failed venture, I saw 4 of the 6 yellow laminated posters I handed out last week, still on the desk in reception, so it seems quite obvious they’re not really interested.

The initial plan of a 10 week trial, I think will be shortened to either 6 or 8 weeks depending on the next couple of weeks.

Thursday class – I really enjoyed, the Thursday class, covering gyakuhanmi techniques, and some from a tai no henko style start.

I’ve decided to return to Karate (Wado Ryu) after Easter, training with Sensei Jim Moorhouse (who happens to be Karen’s Uncle) so I’m looking forward to that, I’ll continue my Aikido classes once a week, I’ve got too much invested after ten years of training, so I will try and balance my Karate and Aikido training.

But at the moment my energy and enthusiasm is being drained by the failure of the Doncaster club, and I need something different to spark my enjoyment off again.


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