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my aching knees

April 19, 2013

I really enjoyed Mondays class at Wado Ryu, we focussed on kihon, towards the end of class we did some tanto dori.

We also looked at the breathing / focus used in the seishan kata, with did some conditioning exercises based around that, and the lateral movements of niahanchi against an attack, defending whilst moving and foot sweeping.


My knees were sore for a couple of days after class, it just shows how your body can become unused to certain exercises, baring in mind 3 years ago I taught Taekwondo several times a week, and now 15mins of kicking practice and it takes my knees 2 days to recover.


I once again was on babysitting duty so missed Thursdays Aikido class, although I intend to make the Sunday morning class.


Wednesday night, was again a waste of time, our 7th week at the venue and again no students, this is 5 weeks in a row now, so next week will be our final week at this venue.

It is quite frustrating when walking to the sports hall I could see at least 4, 5 a side football matches taking place at the sports college, and I can’t get 4 people through the door to cover the hall cost so we can have a class.

It seems competitive team sport is where the focus is at the college.

I feel like I trying to sell 1980’s hi-fi equipment to the ipod generation.


I’m looking forward to the course on the 28th at Keighley Aikido, I also intend to attend a course in May with Aubrey Smith Sensei in Grimsby, when I can get further information, and if that doesn’t work out Steve Rowe is holding a sticking hands course in Wigan on the same weekend.


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