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All’s well that ends well

April 26, 2013

(Aikido) Sunday 21st

I was able to attend the Sunday class, this weekend, which was a great class taken by Sensei Derrick – which focussed on the ‘connection’ between uke and tori, without having to use a tight grip and concentrating all the effort into the grip.

The atmosphere is always uplifting on the Sunday morning class, I had a good chat with Steve and John before class.

(Wado Ryu) Monday 22nd

A good lesson at Wado Ryu, again working on kihon, hand / arm work today, (my knees appreciated that) I was asked to show falls and rolls to the juniors so they can be thrown and land safely, we finished class looking at some of the basic ‘pinan kata’.

Sensei surprised me by telling me I’m under assessment for my Nidan.

I’ve also taken out personal ‘sport coach for martial arts’ indemnity insurance         (via insure4sport) so I can help out with teaching.

(Aikido) Wednesday 24th

Well the inevitable has happened we’ve had to close the Balby Carr venue down, this it the last class of our 8 week trial, the last 6 of which have been without a single student.

So I’m disappointed, but I think overall it’s for the best, the venue just didn’t seem that interested in supporting a traditional Aikido club.

If we were the type of club that could appear in the local paper hold medals from the latest competition or whatever, they would have been more inclined to help us promote the club.

So I will look around for another venue, with mats, but first I’ll take some time and enjoy just being a student again.

I would like to thank all those that supported this venture, with a special thanks to my wife Karen who spent quite a few hours designing a printing out flyers, and then travelling all around Doncaster helping to put up posters.

(Aikido) Thursday 25th 

A great class taken by Sensei Riley, looking at the relationship between the bokken suburi and our hand techniques, working on having a relaxed yet correct form, from which we can deliver a focussed cut, then transferring that to morote dori attack (aka ryote mochi) maintaining relaxed shoulders, strong centre and focus on the te gattana for the cut, whilst moving smoothly with the hips.

Sensei Riley’s enthusiasm gave me a bit of a ‘pick me up’ and reminded me how much I enjoy my Aikido training.



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