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Keighly Aikido course 2013

May 1, 2013

Keith Hayward – Keighley Aikido course

 “Getting them, without getting got”

This phrase set the tone of the course on Sunday 28th April, a very good course taught by senior UKA Sensei Keith Hayward 6th Dan Shihan.

Who had a very martial positive attitude to his Aikido, very similar to us at White Rose Aikikai.

His teaching was very similar to Sensei Riley, as he emphasised a strong irimi movement with power focussed through the elbow, like raising bokken.

Variations of Ikkyo, Irimi nage, Shoho nage, Kokyu ho and Kokyu nage were taught.

 Sensei Hayward has a very warm and friendly attitude, he made sure I gave Sensei Riley his regards (or Uncle Shane – as he called him).

It was nice to see Sensei McAuley again and train with his students there.

 Thanks to Sensei Andrew Pratt, for organising the course.



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