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S. T. Toyoda Sensei UK course 2013

May 7, 2013

On Sunday 5th May I attended the Stephen Tatsuo Toyoda Sensei Course, Hosted by Sensei John Edge at his 2 circles Aikido dojo in Doncaster.

This year due to finances, I’m attending more ‘local’ courses, as I’ve spent quite a lot on weekends away (based around a course weekend) over the last few years, and this one was certainly local, a ten minute walk from home.

Toyoda Sensei, was very friendly, warm, approachable and very open with his teaching.

He has an infectious smile, and spent time with individual students whatever their age or level, to help them with their technique, he would also move from group to group taking Ukemi, to make sure the technique felt right, not just looked right.

The Sunday morning session covered kata dori, men tsuki.

After lunch (sat outside enjoying the sunshine) we looked at the relationship between ryote dori and jo waza.

Finally finishing with half hour of tachi dori (bokken).

It was nice to see Sensei Chris Walker again , and my former Sensei from Shobu Aikido Sensei Will Philips.

I look forward to training with Toyoda Sensei again when he’s next in the UK.

A big thanks To Sensei John Edge for hosting a great course, and all the students of 2 circles for making me welcome.


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