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Eternal Springtime

May 20, 2013

I knew that this Year I would have to make changes to my training routine, with my Wife’s course and her Church activities, falling on my Aikido training nights, adjustments would have to be made.

I foolishly thought maybe I could recapture my youth by returning as a student to Wado Ryu, although since starting back I’ve aggravated an existing knee injury, and I’m now weighed down with the responsibilities as assistant instructor, running the club for the next 2 weeks while Sensei Moorhouse is away, so with all things considered I think my participation maybe short lived.


The last few weeks I’ve been searching for a new direction in my training, which will be compatible with my Aikido training, and not further stress my knee.


I ‘found’ a local Wing Chun club, literally across the road from where I live, so I began my first lesson there this week.

It’s great to be training in something new and to come with no preconceived ideas or expectations.

The club is part of the Ridings Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy (RWCA).

Some of the principles are very similar to Aikido, staying relaxed especially in the shoulders, protecting centre line (whilst attacking your opponents centre) extending your energy forward, arms relaxed whilst retaining structure (unbend able arm principle).

So I’m hoping this new direction in my training will help my personal development as well as strengthening and enhancing my Aikido.


I have a busy week next week running the Wado Ryu dojo.


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