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Dan Chi Sau (Wing Chun)

June 17, 2013

Dan Chi Sau

This being my 4th week in Wing Chun, the lesson was on Dan Chi Sau, and although this exercise drill only consists of 6 techniques, is still quite difficult.

Dan Chi Sau is the single arm version of Chi Sau commonly referred to as ‘sticking hands’ this drill is an exercise in sensitivity rather than gross motor skills, its certainly not about bashing each others arms out of the way, but rather being relaxed enough to feel the movement of your partner, and reacting to it.

Sifu talked about not having to rely on ‘watching’ your arms, and the seniors were doing the exercise with their eyes closed.

He related it to touching a hot surface, we reactively remove our hand, we don’t have look at our hand getting burnt before moving it.

Another pitfall to this exercise is to develop a rhythm 1,2,3 change 1,2,3…which is hard to break, instead we have to try and break this rhythm and go back to ‘feeling’ the movement.

Contact between the arms is kept very light, with the arms relaxed, the more tension you have in your muscles, the less sensitivity you have in them.

So the arms are just in touch contact.

Personally I found the hardest part was from the vertical palm strike (jing jeung) into wing arm defence (bong sau), I ended up withdrawing the arm too far, thus raising the elbow and loosing the structure of the technique, and this is something I have to work on.


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