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Walk before you can run

June 21, 2013

This weeks Wing Chun class, was taken at a fairly steady pace, we reviewed what we had covered last week (Dan Chi Sau) and moved onto a Lap Sau drill.


Me and Dave (the other beginner in class) are at the very steep side of the learning curve, trying to remember and absorb what’s being taught, take on board corrections and try and allow the muscle memory to develop.


Sifu told us last night not to worry, that at our stage of the learning process, there is a huge amount of information to process, everything we do is new.


I’m sure Dave and I would love to have a go on the ‘wooden man’ in the corner, or perform the Chi Sau exercises or the weapons forms, but we have to stay with the basics for now.

‘Walk before you can run’ we were again reminded last night.


On the first couple of lessons, I was looking at the art through the eyes of an Aikidoka, and trying to find all the similarities, whereas now I’m starting to see all the differences, obviously not just the techniques but also the principles.


I need to increase the amount of training I’m doing at home to further develop this muscle memory, even though I only know about ten techniques and a couple of drills, done for twenty minutes to an hour at a time, will hopefully be of some benefit.


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