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The steep end of the learning curve

July 16, 2013

Last Thursdays class, Dave and I were introduced to ‘poon sau’ the rolling ands exercise, a precursor to the ‘chi sau’ drills, or sticking hands drills which Wing Chun is well known for.

Last Wednesday (10th July) I gave in to my Wife’s pressure and went to the Doctors about my knee (I actually made the appointment 3 weeks ago) and although I’m not a big believer in trotting of to the doctors for every sniffle, its nice to get a professional opinion and guidance.

Well as I suspected an MCL (medial collateral ligament – which is the ligament on the inside of the knee) sprain, and with a 6-8 week waiting time for the NHS pyhsio, I’ve decided to just keep on with the gentle exercise and rest, regime, which is annoying but it seems to be working, so it could be months rather than weeks until I’m able to return to Aikido, and maybe Karate.


So for now I’m just the newbie in Wing Chun, and although it’ frustrating and confusing at times, things are starting to fall into place….slowly.

For the past couple of weeks Dave and I, were going through Siu Lim Tao the first form, the ‘little idea’ form, which contains about 90% of the hand techniques of the system, is in 3 parts and is performed from a static position.

So after just getting our heads around the ‘shape & sequence’ of  the form, when Sifu moved us onto ‘Poon Sau’ so again out of the frying pan and into the fire, complete brain overload…lol.

I often think back to my years teaching Taekwondo, and how little pictures I took from that time, I was so intent on keeping everything running smoothly, that I ‘never stopped to smell the roses’ as they say.


I need to remember that I’m a beginner and hey I’m allowed to make a few mistakes, so lighten up and enjoy it.


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