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My first Wing Chun grade

November 28, 2013

Last Thursday (21st November) I took my first grade in Wing Chun.

There were 5 of us in total taking grades within the ‘Red’ category I was taking Red 1, Dave and Paul were taking Red 2, Martin was taking Red 3 and Jamie was taking Red 4 ( i think).

I had been diligently practising on an evening going through Siu Lim Tao and my first 5 drills along with Chuen Ma, poon sau and dan chi sau, along with learning my Cantonese terminology, for the past Month.

Despite this I had the feeling that i just wasn’t retaining the knowledge, the change over from Dan Chi Sau to Lap Sau drill, would often baffle me, and I was becoming a little frustrated with myself.

On the night of the grade, I thought that i couldn’t have physically done any more preparation, and if the grade didn’t go well, maybe I just wasn’t learning or retaining the knowledge i needed to progress, and maybe I should reconsider my future in Wing Chun.

However I was pleasantly surprised on the grade night, for the first time in many years i was able to let my body lead and just relax (rather than over thinking everything) the worrying aspect of Dan Chi Sau into Lap Sau and Poon sau – went very smoothly, my arms got into a nice flow, and i didn’t have to think – ‘ok now left, now right etc’.

We didn’t get our results on the night, but to be honest, the results now don’t concern me that much –  I had retained the information and had been able to produce a good natural performance under pressure – which to my mind is the most important aspect of martial arts grades.


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