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2014 and new horizons

January 7, 2014

Well Happy New Year to my blog readers – yes both of you ! …lol..

To be honest 2013 was a pretty dismal Year for me, the Doncaster Dojo closed due to lack of students – well lets be honest, no students!                                In my eagerness to put that failure behind me I returned to Wado-Ryu practice and ended up developing a knee ligament sprain, so I had to give up Aikido and Karate for several months, This in turn caused the relationship between my Karate Sensei and me to sour…

So to be honest i’m glad to put an end to 2013.

One of the decisions I made in November 2013, (was when my knee was recovered enough), was to return to Aso-Ryu Aikido and resume my training with Sensei McAuley, the reasons for this are myriad and maybe something i’ll discuss at another time.

Another decision I made at the closing of 2013 was to return to my Buddhist faith, although this time not Zen (my previous practice) as the old group still hasn’t established a schedule, and Bob Bowles (the previous group leader at Sheffield) has now given up Zen and is currently in Thailand studying Theravada Buddhism.

My new practice is the Nichiren form of Buddhism (Soka Gakkai International) and I attended my first meeting last night, which went very well.

So already 2014 is looking good!



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