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The whole of the pie

January 10, 2014

Last night was our first lesson back at Wing Chun, where I had an interesting chat with my classmate Dave.

The situation we where discussing was the teaching methods of the academy , we are taught as beginners to turn our feet and hips to 45 degrees (when performing turning stance) however when we are more experienced this angle is reduced to 22 degrees (to create a tighter angle on the counter).

Dave’s point is that he would rather be taught the 22 degrees turn to start with, rather than having to go back and relearn, his analogy was he would rather have the ‘whole pie, from which he can take apart and see what’s in there, rather to continue to bake from an incomplete recipe’.

Now I can definitely see his point, on the other hand we have to put our trust in Sifu, Sigung and the academy.

Now that I’m teaching Aiki-jo for Sensei McAuley at Aso Ryu, I try to instil a sense of trust in the students there, I have a target I want them to achieve and sometime I have to teach a movement bigger, so the student develops and gets a ‘feel’ of the technique, before we begin to reduce and compress the movement.

My answer when a very similar question was asked, was to show them the ‘whole pie’ (the compact kaeshi tsuki) but go on to explain why we start with a larger movement.

Monday (6th Jan) was my first SGI meeting, which when very well, I’m looking forward to more.

On Tuesday I spoke with Master Kieron Kay, about the Aikido workshop I’m holding at his club on the 29th – which I’m looking forward to.


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