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The ugly reality of violence

January 17, 2014

Hi All, yes both of you – you know who you

This wasn’t my planned blog entry  for this week, I was planning on discussing taking responsibility in our training, which is something I may talk about at the upcoming ‘workshop’ I’m teaching in Sheffield soon.

Instead however I’m going to talk about violence, not the ‘hollywood’ glitzy stuff where the good guy wins the day and not even the competitive martail arts – which is all controlled and fought to a set of preordained rules and regulations.

Yesterday a friend and work colleague was attacked with a knife, he with the help of a neighbour was able to wrestle the knife away and safe himself, the attack continued involving vehicles (but its now a matter for the police and justice system) now my colleague has had no training in martial arts or self defence, but was able to safely protect himself against an armed attacker.

He and his family are obviously very upset by the whole incident, as the realisation that he may have been seriously hurt or worse is beginning to dawn on them.

There was no tapping out or rubber tanto’s here, just a frantic struggle for survival and escape – I wonder if he had been a martial artist and tried to apply technique and fight back things would have been different?

As another colleague commented this morning, ‘the graveyards are full of heroes’

So how do we train ourselves and our students knife defence, which is both safe (to appease the ‘elf ‘n safety procedures which permeate our martial arts governing bodies) and practical enough to save our lives and those of our loved ones?

Is it truly better to be judged by 12 rather than be carried by 6?

These are all musing maybe for another time…..




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