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The 8 winds

January 24, 2014

On Monday nights Doncaster Soka Gakkai group meeting, we discussed briefly ‘the 8 winds’ these are conditions that can ‘blow’ you off course and disrupt your practice, although this is a Buddhist term, I think these ‘winds’ can permeate other aspects of our lives.

At the moment a work colleague is having a stressful time, and his life is under going dramatic changes, maybe these winds have blown him off course too?

In our martial arts practice these winds can be very strong, there seems an endless list of conditions and situations that cause our students to leave, When I was teaching Taekwondo, for the 50+ students we had through our doors I can count on one hand the ones I took through to the Association Black belt grading.

We have to keep our motivation strong, by having a clear and focussed objectives when we train, with support from our classmates and clear instruction and direction from our teachers.

With this support, instruction and motivation, we can weather these strong winds and continue on our journey, remembering every step forward, is a step closer to our goal.

Last week I spoke about personal ‘responsibility’ and I think I need to  address this topic again, from the point of view as an Instructor – and their responsibility to their students.

Next Wednesday (29th) I’ll be teaching an Aikido workshop at Sheffield for my good friend and  Taekwondo Instructor Master Kay, so I’m looking forward to that


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