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Springwater TKD – Aikido Workshop

January 30, 2014

Last night, my wife and I travelled down to Sheffield to see my good friend Master Kieron Kay (chief instructor of Springwater Taekwondo) to conduct an Aikido class for him and his senior students.

This class had originally been planned for last year, but with my knee injury, and Master Kay’s busy Taekwondo schedule, was put on hold until January 2014.

I developed a lesson plan based around kata dori and morote dori (ryote mochi) so this would hopefully give the students a ‘practical’ attack which they can maybe adopt into their training, and an attack which highlights the need to relax and move from the centre, a handful of techniques were going to be performed from each attack.

However on reflection I think I tried to cover too much, in the 2 hours that we had, and maybe I should have stuck with a single more basic attack, on the way home I was trying to imagine how my Teachers (Sensei McAuley or Sensei Riley) would have conducted an ‘Aikido’ class for non-Aikidoka.

As a teacher, I’m always trying to learn from each lesson I give, and I think a slower paced class, with more time on each technique, a ‘quality rather then quantity’ approach may have been better?                                                         Also maybe training from strikes (given the background of the students) may have been a gentler way to take them away from their comfort zone.

I finished the workshop (I called it that because I feel it was a place to train together and improve as a group) with a look at how the ‘blocking’ techniques from Taekwondo can be used in a similar way to Aikido techniques, as locks and joint manipulations.

All who attended seemed to enjoy the class, even though the break falls (and Ukemi in general) were always going to be an issue, I truly hope the students felt they came away with something useful, other than just sore wrists….lol.


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