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Curve ball’s, courses and comfy chairs

January 31, 2014

I was thrown a bit of a curve ball on Saturday (25th) as I was told on arrival that Sensei McAuley would be late and I should start class, Which I did and enjoyed doing, however when Sensei arrived he told me to just carry on and run the class, I hadn’t planned on doing much more than an extended warm up and basic movement session, so from now on i’ll bring a grade syllabus to work from.

On Wednesday I travelled down to Sheffield to see my good friend Master Kieron Kay (Springwater Taekwondo) and held an Aikido class for him and his senior students, everyone seemed to enjoyed the course, although I remembered how hard it is to teach Aikido to non-Aikido students without an Uke, not because of the technical content, but they can’t see how uke receives the technique (how they move their body to accept the technique and which break fall to use). On reflection I should have worked from strikes, rather than just kata tori and morote dori.

I finished the course with a quick look at how to adapt Taekwondo blocks into control and restraint techniques, again this could be a source for another course in the future.

I’m making progress with Japanese recognition for my Aikido Nidan, I’ve been in contact this week with IMAF (UK) so I can send my details to Kokusai Budoin Renmei in Tokyo, for grade recognition.

On Thursday night, I lost the battle of will power v’s the comfy chair, I’m beginning to loose my passion for Wing Chun, I still find it interesting, but the slow class pace and often low class content is draining my enthusiasm, probably – well definitely not helped by these dark, cold, wet horrible weather conditions, once we get the upstairs redecorated I hope to be able to do some training at home again, to spark that interest again, oh well next weeks rematch v’s the comfy chair is on – and this time I aim to win.



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