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This weeks blog 7th Feb 2014

February 7, 2014

Last Saturdays Aikido class was very enjoyable, I worked with Pete Noddins all night doing kokyu nage, Jiyu waza and Jo waza – so we had a good throw about, although like I mentioned to ‘Big Pete’ was although its great to have a good throw about session, I want to get a grasp of the Kihon (basics) of Asoh Sensei’s style of Aikido, especially if i’m helping those taking their kyu grades in April.

Talking of April grades, I’m going to have to buckle down and take my Wing Chun a bit more seriously towards my ‘Red 2’ grade in April (if I decide to take it) class this week was good, a full lesson based on Siu Lim Tao, looking at various points on each of the 3 sections, I’ve ordered a wall bag this week from ebay, so hoping to get into the conditioning and impact training (and stamina – when the weather clears up) at home and just accept the pace of the class is slower and less strenuous than I had hoped.

At the SGI Doncaster & Rotherham meeting on Monday, it was just me and Nigel again, although I’m going through on Monday this week, so hopefully I’ll meet Bart and Holly, it’ll be great to be able to chant with a few more of us there, and join in with the study discussions and readings.

On the decorating front, we’ve just about finished the painting, so I think the wall papering starts next, once the daughters room is done, I can finally get the ‘box room’ redecorated and do some training at home and have an area for my Buddhist practice, where hopefully before the end of the Year I’ll have my Busudan (and Gohonzon).


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