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Like the bow of a ship

February 14, 2014

Generally I’ve had a good week this week, Saturday’s Aikido class was enjoyable again, Sensei Gary Crossland gave his Ukemi class, which was interesting, and Sensei McAuley had me and Gary doing a lot of Kokyu nage and Jiyu waza to finish the class, again this type of training is great for breathing and stamina, but if I’m to help those taking grades in April, I need to practice the Kihon waza (basic techniques) I’m hoping to be able to get through to the Tuesday class from March on wards, so maybe that will help.

On Monday night, I was over at Nigel’s again for the weekly SGI meeting, I met Bart and Holly (other members of the Doncaster group) Also I met John and Ann (District leaders-I think) who were both wonderful people, were having a special meeting on the 21st, so I’m looking forward to that, John’s talk on the practice and Gohonzon, was very inspirational and gave me the determination to do my morning and evening gongyo everyday this week.

I enjoyed Thursdays Wing Chun class, I think having that short break away from class for 2 weeks, really helped, as I’ve returned with a better attitude, and have enjoyed class. This week we covered some poon sau (rolling hands) and some pak sau (slaping hand) drills, which I enjoyed, as it covered the close range inside striking and trapping principles of Wing Chun, I’m looking forward to the training day on the 22nd. Neil (one of the assisting instructors), told us to imagine entering through like a bow wave, deflecting and dissipating the energy as we drive through, like a wedge.

This is exactly how Sensei Riley and Sensei Derrick, used to describe their Aikido, when talking of their Irimi (entering) techniques.

Well the car is in for it’s MOT tomorrow morning, it should get through ok, (although i said that last year and it cost a couple of hundred quid to get through) as my Aikido training is dependent on me driving there (and in a smaller way my SGI activities) I could really do with it getting through without much hassle this year.


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