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Feb 22nd Wing Chun training day

February 25, 2014

Last Saturday, was the academy’s first training day of 2014, held at my local kwoon in Doncaster 12 noon – 5pm.

This was my first ‘training day’ experience, there were parts that I enjoyed especially the last hour or so, but overall I found the whole experience a little underwhelming.

I’ve probably been spoilt, by the Aikido training courses, where after a 4 or 5 hour training course, your body (and mind) is in no doubt about the amount of physical (and mental) training you just endured.

We started (eventually – no formal start to the day) doing poon sau, and Chi sau (rolling and sticking hand exercises) and on to dan chi sau, and a few pak sau drills (which I enjoyed).

After the hour for lunch, we returned with work on the forms, which included for us beginners a 15 minute look at Chum Kiu & Biu Gee forms which are a good couple of years in front of me (personally I would have preferred 10 minutes on the wall bag) this was followed by some drills, after a further 20 minute break, we hit the last hour – which I found the most interesting, we had 20 mins on the pole form, the bat jam dao (8 cutting broad swords) and the Jong (wooden man).

I’m not sure if I will stick with Wing Chun, I think it’s the lack of class tempo and pace, that I’m finding a bit frustrating, Oh well, I’ll stick at it a bit longer, and see how things progress.


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