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While Sifu’s away…(pt 1)

February 28, 2014

Sifu is on a 2 week break, so Rob and Neil took the Wing Chun class last night, needless to say the pace of the class suited me much better than usual and we seemed to get quite a lot done, I had a chat with Dave before class began (Dave started on the same night as I did, so although he’s progressed through the grades a bit quicker than me, we have a certain kinship) I told him of my misgivings about my progress, and the fact than a couple of weeks ago I was close to just quitting the class, and to my surprise he actually empathized and understood my feelings about the pace of the class (Dave is a very keen student, and a bit of a ‘course rat’ as we used to say in Aikido) we’ll see i guess, when the weather improves and I can get out for a jog and start to improve my stamina, maybe I’ll feel better.

Speaking of Aikido, I’ve missed the last 2 Saturdays (1 due to Wing Chun course, and 1 due to car been in garage for repairs) so I’m looking forward to class this weekend, I’ll soon be making arrangements to try and attend a few Tuesday classes.

Last Friday was my first experience of an SGI study group, as Marcus (S&E Yorkshire Chapter Leader) and his Wife came through to Doncaster for Gosho study, I really enjoyed it, they seemed impressed with the amount of studying I’m doing in my ‘spare’ time and with my overall progress, they even said that in there opinion I was ready to be inferred with my Gohonzon, (they did ask about my Zen background – so I’m not exactly a newbie to Buddhism per se) but I’ve said that I’ll wait a few months, and let the whole thing settle, and begin to get more comfortable with practice.

This week I ordered my Butsudan, I’ve been toying around for a few weeks getting various quotes, and after weighing up to pro’s and con’s decided to import one from Nakayama Butsudans.

I’m just hoping we can get the Daughters bedroom finished this weekend and the new carpet down next weekend, so we can move her in and I can get started on what will eventually be a room where I can study and practice.


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