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Butsudans and bedroom carpets

March 7, 2014

Apologies to my readers (yes both of you) for not having a ‘sifu’s away pt2’ post here, but that’s because I was unable to attend class class last night.

I’m having to re-shuffle my weekly schedule about, so I’ll be able to squeeze another Aikido class in on an alternate Tuesday (to correspond with my wife’s alternate Tuesday at Church, making sure it doesn’t fall on the same week as my alternate SGI meeting on a Monday, and now alternate Wing Chun class on a Thursday) – phew! I know it’s like something from ‘A beautiful mind’ , and now the local SGI branch leader (Marcus) has switched the home visit to a Thursday, I had to re-shuffle everything around again.   

Saturdays Aikido class, was enjoyable, I just worked with ‘big Pete’ doing jiyu waza all night, at some point Sensei came over and showed a few shiho nage variations, I’m hoping my very soon return to a semi-regular Tuesday class, will enable me to participate in a regular class, rather being set aside with another yudansha and going through jiyu waza most of the night, which is what is happening at the moment.

My Butsudan arrived on Tuesday (less than a week after ordering it) so a big thumbs up or shout out (which ever it is) to Nakayama Butsudans in Portland Oregon.

Also on Tuesday my daughters bedroom carpet arrived at the store, after dropping the missus off at church, I went with my 4yr old daughter to collect it, on the way there, I was asking about school and what she wanted to be when she grew up (at the moment either a police girl or a princess) she turned to me and asked “what do you want to do when you grow up daddy?”

If only I knew kiddo, If only I knew.


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