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One year on…

March 21, 2014

Do you remember the TV show ‘sliders’ where there were seemingly hundreds of different ‘realities’ out there?

Where for every fateful decision we made, out there in an alternate reality, the results of that decision were different, and just like we learn with in Buddhism with regards to cause and effect is that the manifest effect is the physical resulting action, arising from our inherent and external causes.

Well it’s about a year since I started ‘Doncaster Aikido’ club, and maybe somewhere out there in a ‘sliders’ universe, I’m running a small but very active dojo, maybe we’ve branched out to twice a week, maybe some of my students have just graded at the association March course, maybe we use the photo of them proudly holding their certificates in the local newspaper and website which maybe creates more interest and a few new starters.

maybe, maybe maybe…

Maybe if the club hadn’t failed so completely, I wouldn’t have sought solace going back to Wado Ryu, and over stressed my knee, leading to my MCL injury and missing 6 months Aikido training  (and finishing my Karate off) maybe, maybe…

It’s taken me a while to come to terms with it all, but slowly I’m getting there, I’ve decided to increase my time at Aikido (hoping to train Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday this week) and reduce my time at Wing Chun, my knee is getting stronger now, and I need to train where I get a buzz from training and feel passionate about what I’m doing, something I’ve rarely been able to do with Wing Chun, I’ll keep going maybe every other week, as a system It’s a very good close range striking system, but the pace of the class is so slow, you don’t feel as though you’ve actually done anything, much of the time, I know this is probably because of my background in training very vigorously, so I need to make the transition to the slower paced class, over a longer period.

My Buddhism is going well, Marcus the SGI South & East Yorkshire Branch leader made a home visit last night, which went very well, I’m finding everyone is so nice that I’m meeting, which given the often negative pessimistic attitudes prevalent in today’s society  is a very refreshing change.

So one year on, I’m not where I thought I’d be, but I’ve now realised I’m not in a worse place, just a different one..


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