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June catch up

June 11, 2014

Apologies to readers of my blog, for not posting since early April, to be honest there hasn’t been a lot to talk about since then.

My elbow is still painful, which has really knocked my confidence about returning to Aikido, I know its something I need to do to get over this psychological block that I now have about hurting myself further, last year my knee, this year my elbow.

Anyway, I spent a few weeks working on my stamina, going jogging again, around a local ‘country’ park after work, so I’m not just sitting around doing nothing.

I’ve also been really busy with SGI-UK activities these last few months, with 4 events/meetings this week for example, all being well I’ll be receiving my Gohonzon in July, there’s a few issues to overcome yet, as one of the required signatures on my membership form (the men’s district leader) no longer practices, so this seem’s to be causing issues, but hopefully these ‘obstacles’ will be soon overcome ‘sansho shima’ as we say in our practice.

Holidays next week, hopefully the weather will stay nice, as we’re in Aberystwyth soaking up the atmosphere and lovely countryside, a few years ago I would have contacted the local Aikido club, for a session, but now with my elbow injury and waning enthusiasm, I’ll just go and enjoy the rest with my family.

I know I need to return to Aikido before too long, otherwise I risk never returning and that will be a shame after all the time, money and sacrifices I’ve made over the last 12 years, maybe these holidays will refresh my spirit enough to make a return very soon.


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