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Early July catch up

July 10, 2014

I was very proud of my children over last weekend, (5 & 6 th July) as they both had separate and independent performances.

My Son Ben had his first music concert as part of the Junior strings section, playing the viola on Saturday, which I was able to attend.

My Daughter Tammy had her first ballet public show on Sunday, unfortunately I wasn’t able to get to this as I had a planning and discussion meeting (SGI-UK, Rotherham & Doncaster district) to help out with, but the wife took video and plenty of pictures, so I didn’t miss the performance entirely.

On Saturday 12th, I’ll be receiving my Gohonzon in Scunthorpe, I think from Mr. Yoshikawa, the vice national Men’s leader & northern area Men’s leader, I have Marcus (South & East Yorks branch leader) coming through on the 10th so hopefully we can finalise the details.

My Buddhism has taken up a large portion of my ‘social time’ this last few months, I’m planning to return to Aikido before too long, so I’m hoping to be able to strike a good balance, with everything.

Talking of Aikido, I’ve been invited to teach a Jo class at Mirfield for my friend Paul, for his Sunday class on the 27th, so that should be good, I’m hoping that I’ll have the confidence to return to regular training after that, at the moment, fear of re-injuring my elbow is keeping me from training, and the thought of a 60+ mile round trip to the dojo to assist from the sideline, or take part in half the lesson, doesn’t make much sense to me.

As for longer term plans, maybe I’ll have to re-think where I train, the Saturday afternoon/evening class at Aso Ryu, doesn’t cause conflict with other activities, but it is a bit of a trek to Huddersfield, maybe Thursday nights with Sensei Danford at White Rose may be on the cards for 2015, we’ll have to see,if life’s thought me anything, it’s not to make too many long term plans….


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