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Mirfield weapons class

July 28, 2014

Yesterday 27 July, I was asked to teach a weapons (Jo) class for Sensei Paul’s Sunday class at the MMAC.

It was a good class, we covered solo and paired, 1-10 Jo Suburi, and the 13 Jo kata, along with the last section of the 13 Jo kata from movement 9-13 performed as a paired exercise (Kata Bunkai / Ohyo).

Everyone seemed to enjoy the class, and I’m hoping to get across to Mirfield again a couple of times before the end of the year.

My elbow held out through the class, but was extremely painful all afternoon, so my recovery continues, but any progress is progress.

In other news my Gohonzon was enshrined on the 24th, several members of the district came through to support me, the service was conducted by Marcus.

I’ve also been in contact with Mark Danford, which was nice, and maybe a move back to White Rose Aikikai next year is on the cards.


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