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Great lesson last night

January 20, 2015

I had a great lesson last night, I was working with Ian all night going through the 4th Kyu syllabus, I was introduced to the first ‘Tai-gi’ or ‘Tei-gei’ which is a 3 person pre-set kata, with 2 ukes delivering 3 attacks each and tori in the middle performing the techniques.

As I’m new to Ki Aikido, this was a great learning curve for me, I’m not sure whether these ‘Tai-gi’ are created by the association or have some international standing (like Wado-Ryu Kata) I’ve searched you tube, but can’t find anything similar.

I was just thrilled to be back on the mat training again.

Our district (Buddhist) discussion meeting on Sunday went very well, we had 8 altogether and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, with a lively discussion and there was a great energy with the group.

We have our (South & East Yorkshire) Chapter ‘kick off’ on Saturday which I’m looking forward to.

So as ever onwards and upwards…..


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