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An introduction to the weapons

February 9, 2015

Last weeks class was a great class (almost a week late with this post, been snowed under at work) we seemed to get loads done.

Sensei introduced me to the weapons syllabus, we went through the 1st Bokken kata (which is basically a modified version of happo giri) so this wasn’t too hard to get my head around, we then went onto jo against bokken 1&2.

After this the class went through Tai-gi’s and some syllabus work, the association (BKAA) seem to be renewing the grade syllabus at the moment, so I’m sure they’ll be more to learn in class soon to accommodate these changes, It’s been almost 12 years since I last studied for 5th Kyu, so I’m finding this change of style (and all this new stuff to learn) fascinating.

Elsewhere in my life the job application to YAS, fell through, not to worry, I’ll keep trying..

On Thursday I’m hosting a Buddhist principles night at my house, Lynne Moss is coming over to go through the ‘Ten Worlds’ I’m hoping this will give my wife, a bit more back ground into Nichiren Buddhism. I got my results for the grade 1 exam this week, I passed, so that’s good, so onto grade 2 next year.

I’m dabbling with the idea of taking my Reiki level 1 this year, just need to save up for the course…

So until next time….


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