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One brick at a time

February 23, 2015

My week off was fairly uneventful, my car got through the MOT, although with the times at the garage it meant I had to miss Aikido.

I saw our Jo and Rick (sister and brother) the first time in ages.

We had a really good discussion meeting again (Yesterday) there were a few tears, some of gratitude, some of I guess anxiety, I suppose that’s the great thing with these meetings the members can really open up and share their feelings with the group, and know they’ll be fully supported.

John Bath came through which was great (our HQ leader) John always has something profound to say, it was John’s small chat that I guess convinced me to practice this Buddhism (after a background in the Zen tradition) he reminded me very much of Bob Bowles (the former group leader for the Sheffield White plum Zen group) with that Buddhist knack of saying something simple and yet profound, yesterday he talked about courage and that we shouldn’t expect too much of ourselves too soon, “just one brick at a time” the repetition of our practice, constantly building on ourselves.

John mentioned some great things which I wrote down, and i’ll get my thoughts together and share on here, I’ve also been invited to a leadership course on the 28th March, so that should be interesting.

This week I started the HBL (humanistic Buddhism & leadership) course (on-line) with UWest.

Oh well back to work


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