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The week began with Ikkyo….

March 6, 2015

This week began with ikkyo, and ended with me grappling with the concepts of reality.

I really enjoyed Aikido on Monday night, we started with some Kata tori, then moved onto some 4th kyu syllabus work, it was great to be back after a 2 week absence, I’m starting to slowly get to grip (no pun intended) with the syllabus, obviously the techniques themselves are very similar, it’s just getting my head around these 4 ‘escapes’ which is the footwork leading into the technique, I’m used to either irimi or tenkan (or omote / ura depending where I was training) but now I’m having to remember 4 – irimi 1&2, tenkan 1&2.

I missed my meeting on Tuesday night due to traffic, so I finished my HBL (humanistic Buddhism & leadership) course off, I applied for my exam and completed it on Thursday.

The exam was interesting I ended up writing an extra credit essay – based on my interpretation of the heart Sutra’s statement about ’emptiness is not different from form….form is not different from emptiness’

Which got me looking into to the perception of reality, and the ‘old chestnut’ of who’s reality is real, etc…

Anyway apartently I’m helping with my 5 year old daughters ‘cat in the hat’ costume this weekend…nothing like a bit of family life to keep you grounded.


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