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Getting to grips with it

March 17, 2015

Over the last couple of weeks in Aikido, I’ve noticed that when going for Ikkyo I’ve ended up with Gokyo, I guess I’ve been more focussed on the movement and footwork, (peel off the hand from the wrist in both katate dori & katate kosa dori) and allowed muscle memory to take over, after all I’ve been doing Ikkyo long to know it, right…wrong!

Time after time I would end up with the Gokyo grip, It wasn’t until the other night on the train home, going through the problem I realised that at White Rose Aikikai, if the attack was from Ai Hanmi (katate kosa dori) then the hand would go forwards towards uke, when in Gyaku hanmi (katate dori) the hand would raise up centre and the back hand would cut up from under the arm to take for Ikkyo, the only time the attackers hand would be ‘peeled’ off the wrist was for Gokyo – so in fact muscle memory is kicking in, only I need to re-program it.

On Thursday we had our Buddhist principles talk, with Lynne – this time it was ‘turning poison into medicine’ that is taking a bad situation or experience and creating something of value from it, John Bath (HQ leader) popped round for the meeting, which was great, I always enjoy listening to John, he is refreshing open minded about Buddhism being a former mindfulness mediation practitioner himself before joining the SGI, I feel I have a lot of common ground, with my background being Zen.

We have our discussion meeting on the 22nd so I’m looking forward to that, and then the following weekend on the 28th I attending a SGI leaders training day, so that should be interesting.


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