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Taigi’s and Ki exercises

March 31, 2015

Last week at Aikido, we followed a very ‘Ki syllabus’ lesson we started with Taigi 1&2 then went onto some Ki testing exercises.

The more I do the Taigi the more I’m beginning to understand and appreciate them as a training exercise.

Saturday the 28th, was the SGI-UK Great Northern Area, district leaders encouragement & training day, it was a great day, with lots of inspirational experiences and a very interesting lecture, I sometimes think at this kind of meeting – they (being the organisers) kind of miss the point or try and fit too much in – its as if they feel they have to tick all the ‘boxes’, I would have liked some guidance publication on district leaders roles and responsibilities rather than (yet another) copy of ‘bold advance’, and although I enjoyed the choir singing and the videos (in French & Italian) some group work with done to earth advice and guidance about home visits or practising with new (or potential) members would have been better for that kind of meeting.


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