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Take what you’re given

April 24, 2015

It was a bit of a strange class at Aikido on Monday, there were only 4 of us there, mostly high grades (except for me) so Sensei Acaster decided to have an a senior class, dealing with higher syllabus stuff, mainly bokken taigi.

“Don’t look for the end, take what you’re given” was Sensei’s advice earlier on in the lesson, when we were dealing with Kata Dori (taking the shoulder) don’t go into the technique with the pure intention of ‘doing’ ikkyo (for example) keep your mind open and flexible enough that if ikkyo isn’t there, you can find something else – (at this senior level) don’t expect uke’s arm to be there for you (for ikkyo) take what you’re given – Sensei spoke of ‘mushin’ of keeping the mind clear, don’t have the blind single intention of that one technique, when uke isn’t in the right position for that technique.

I had a nice (and unexpected) phone call from Sensei Mark Danford (White Rose Aikikai) on Tuesday night, giving me the opportunity to take his Saturday class for him this weekend, unfortunately I’m unavailable due to collecting my son from music class at the same time, It was nice to be asked though.

Afterwards I was wondering if I should make a tentative return to White Rose, or stay the course with Ki-Aikido, the wife reminded me that I left there through injury, this detour is part of my ‘bigger journey’ and not to feel guilty about it.

Wednesday was our Buddhist chapter study meeting, this month we looked at the Gosho ‘the one eyed turtle and the floating log’ which describes how hard it is to find this Buddhist practice and stay with it, Fiona, reminded us that at whatever stage in life we ‘met’ the practice – that was the right time for us – (which reminded me of what Karen had said the night previously about Aikido).

This Sunday (26th May) is our district discussion meeting – seeing the Buddha in ourselves and others, so that should be interesting..


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