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When in Rome…

May 7, 2015

I was quite frustrated with myself after Monday nights Aikido lesson, we had a fairly intense 4th Kyu grade practice session, and I was making quite a few mistakes – or rather letting bad habits creep in to my technique, it’s nothing that can’t be corrected, but really I should know better.

The main 4 points were – (1) I need to keep uke’s arm in my’ one point’ during Ikkyo, physically touching my one point – I can then relax my grip on the arm. (2) Posture – use ‘tall & light’ to keep my posture upright yet relaxed  – apparently I’m crouching (3) Yonkyo ground pin – keep my leg behind uke’s arm to increase torque on shoulder and allow my to relax my arm (4) relax the hold on Uke’s wrist during the Ikkyo ground pin.

Posture has often been an issue, I remember my Karate Sensei (Neil Harris) used to push my shoulders down – as I had a tendency to raise them, and going back to my time in Zen, the visiting Roshi (during a retreat) had a talk to several of us ‘newbies’ about our posture.

I dedicate this particular post to my Uncle Mark (Wright) who lost his short battle with cancer recently, our family aren’t very close and unfortunately  I’ve lost touch with most of my uncles and Aunts, Uncle Mark was the only relative (with the exception of Parent &Grandparent) to visit me when I lived alone. My fondest memory of him was with his long rocker hair and leather jacket taking me at the age of about 8 or 9 down to the local wetlands to catch frogs.

Karen also lost her Grandad last weekend, so we’ve both suffered a loss recently.

In Buddhism we often equate life to a wave, formed in the ocean coming towards the shoreline, some crash onto land dramatically,  others come quietly, after they peak, they return softly back into the body of the ocean.

All our lives no matter how quiet or dramatic, must at the end of our own ‘high tide’ return to the vast cosmic ocean, and wait until we come to the shore of life again.

Uncle Mark thank you for teaching me to catch frogs and for giving me a ride back home on your shoulders….


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