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5th Kyu part 1

June 5, 2015

I faced a couple of a shocks on Monday night at Aikido, the first was that I had been learning the wrong syllabus (for best part of 6 months) I should be learning the 5th Kyu syllabus (not 4th), and the second was that I was going to be taking my 5th Kyu grading that night….

So this was quite a peculiar grade, (its been 12 years since I last took my 5th Kyu Aikido grade with White Rose Aikikai) Sensei was calling through the techniques, and I was doing the 4th Kyu variants so Sensei had to correct and go through the 5th kyu  techniques – which are often very different.

On the whole I think things went as well as can be expected – being graded on things I was seeing (and then performing) for the first time, next week I being watched (and graded) on my ‘Shokyu’ Ki techniques and Taigi #1.

Although I like the lesson / grade type of approach, which I also experienced in Wing Chun, where the grade experience is also an opportunity to learn and grow.

Elsewhere in my life I’m developing a program for Spring water Taekwondo, who have invited me over for a summer Budo workshop, so I’m looking forward to that.

I’m moving forward with my idea of a ‘Buddhist friendship afternoon’ in order to grow and further develop the Rotherham & Doncaster district, I’ve been nominated the ‘action chief’ so that should be interesting.

I’m making in roads into my involvement into Doncaster interfaith, there is a meeting on the 20th & 21st June and one in July.

Karen has started a healthy eating plan…I’m not allowed to use the word ‘diet’ and I’m supporting her, so It’s been salads all week so far and I’ve been out on my mountain bike and using the crosstrainer this week..

Hopefully next week I’ll report back on my completed BKAA 5th Kyu..


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