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Learning to stand (5th Kyu – part 2)

June 15, 2015

I left the dojo feeling a little deflated last Monday night (8th June) I expected my 5th Kyu grade would be completed as I only thought that I had to complete my ‘shokyu’ (first level Ki test) and my Tai-gi #1, we did these and started to go through the techniques again, so covered shiho nage and kokyu nage.

There was a problem with my Tai-gi, not with the technique as much as ‘settling’ between techniques, this could have been an instinctive shifting in my footwork – probably a throwback from my Taekwondo years, so I need to relax and settle.

The Ki testing when better, first testing with the attitude of ‘tall & light’ followed by the same test with ‘weight underside’, again I haven’t done much Ki work in my Aikikai system, so I was lowering my weight from my centre by keeping the knees relaxed, however I need to root from my legs – so part of the lesson was literally learning to stand.

We have now fixed a date for the ‘Budo workshop’ for Springwater Taekwondo, this will be the 16th July.

On Sunday we held a planning meeting and have set a date for the Buddhist friendship afternoon, this will be August 15th.

So lots to plan and arrange (plus we’re away on our hol’s week after next) so busy, busy, busy…

Hopefully get this 5th Kyu sorted before my hol’s…


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