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Being present (5th kyu 2.5)

June 19, 2015

Mondays Aikido class was great, the mat was busy and there was a great energy in the dojo, Sensei Aidy took the class as Sensei Acaster worked a new beginner (their 1st class) we covered 5th kyu & 4th kyu syllabus techniques.

Talking of 5th kyu, Sensei emailed me a grading form with instructions to complete it and bring it to class, as I handed it in, I told him that I hadn’t filled in the date – as this would be my 3rd week of my grading, he asked me – what date had he signed in my book (membership & grade book) I answered that he hadn’t, so he said I should put down last weeks date – and he then signed my book. so apparently I passed 5th kyu last week!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve felt in a bit of a spiritual void, I’ve been feeling a little bit uncomfortable with my Buddhist practice, and have begun to once again miss my former Zen practice, so I think I will make some changes to my practice over the next few months, either as part of a formal class, or personal zazen practice.

It’s my Son’s 10th birthday today, how life has changed in ten years, my mum passed away the same year as my son was born, at least she got to hold her 1st grandchild before she died, her death, and the subsequent falling to pieces of our family, was a cause that set me off to my Buddhist practice to start with, so perhaps this last ten years, my spiritual practice has been a large circle and I’m now arriving to a place (spiritually) where I was ten years ago.

Next week, we’re off to Hunstanton for our family holiday, so no Aikido, although I will practice zazen, whilst down there I think, and give chanting a miss for a week.


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