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2015 Summer Budo Workshop

July 20, 2015

Thursday the 16th of July, I went through to Sheffield to Springwater Taekwondo for the ‘Budo workshop’ I know that ‘Budo’ is an extremely broad brush to to use in this context, but as we were covering small segments from Aikikai Aikido, Ki Aikido and Wado Ryu, it probably fit the bill.

The ippon kumite’s proved a success, as the students could easily adapt their Taekwondo 1 step, to accommodate this style of training, I received some very positive feedback.

We also looked at Aiki-Taiso, how it ‘bridges the gap’ between a basic aerobic warm up  and technique, then we looked at how we can achieve similar results with a Taekwondo warm up.

At the end of the 2 hours, we had the senior students work on their own Taekwondo 1 step, then adapted what they had come up with adding an Aikido influence, with restraints and controls.

We had the senior grades work from ‘a bad position’ this is working from a flinch reaction – as opposed to the ‘picture perfect’ stance and block, with this type of reaction you often find yourself on the inside of a wild swing with both hands covering your head, from this as a starting position, we have to work with what we’ve got or what we can find.

So a big thanks to Master Kieron Kay, and all the students who attended the workshop.


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