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The have and have nots

July 31, 2015

Recently at the train station I saw an unusual sight, outside in the car parking area, a chauffeur driven limo and a trio of private security team escorting a couple through the commuters to their limo.

The lives of the rich and powerful…how marvellous how terrible, to have the wealth to travel in style, that same wealth causes them to travel in fear.

I was recently sat in a SGI discussion meeting, and those around me were complaining about their terrible spa weekend, or their two weeks holiday abroad, one member was talking about getting ready to order a Ferrari, I was sat there wondering how I was going to pay the rent that month, I looked around the room and realised I didn’t have that much in common with these folks anymore.

I’m reminded of the story of Zen master Ryokan, who returning home one night found a burglar in his small dwelling, having no possessions to provide the man with anything, feeling sorry for the man, he removed his clothing and forced them onto the man.

On Monday’s Aikido class, we once again covered the 4th kyu syllabus, this time working from bottom to top, so we covered the things often overlooked or missed during the last few weeks.

One of the things Sensei mentioned was introducing ‘stop point’ in our immobilisations, these are certain important points, usually a hand change or positional change as the technique goes through its progression, this is something that has been mentioned before, as well as the other million things to remember when going through technique.



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