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Returning to the self

September 18, 2015

Apologies for not posting for the last three weeks, I’ve been fairly down, for a variety of reasons I think, missing Aikido for 3 weeks, the on set of Autumn and mainly my dissatisfaction with my Buddhist practice (more on this later).

I always become rather melancholy this time of year, ever since I was a young lad at school, I always remember being really depressed around the time of ‘harvest festival’

The early mornings chill,

The evenings deepening shadows,

The gentle falling leaves,

come together to mourn the death of summer.


Mondays Aikido class was great, full of energy and It was great to get back on the mat again, as I mentioned I’ve had to have three weeks off training, due to a hospital appointment, the bank holiday and then last week as I was setting off, as I closed the garage door (an up and over type) one of the arm mechanisms collapsed, so I spent the evening clearing out the garage.

Anyway this week I was determined to get to the dojo, we began the class by looking at some of the ‘Ki exercises’ we do at the beginning of class and their practical applications, we moved onto looking at the 3rd kyu syllabus and the use of corner step, this allows for a much more freedom in the sense of allowing tori (nage) more room to move their hips or continue the energy forward, when the attack is very linear.


As I may have mentioned here before I’m getting a bit restless with my Buddhist practice, and I’ve been examining what Buddhist practice looks like and feels like for me, I mentioned to the SGI study rep that I wasn’t pleased with the lack of depth and scope of the 2nd Grade syllabus – It seemed to be the same old, same old.

Last month I added Zazen into my practice once again, and I happened to mention this to a couple of district members, well word must have got back to the HQ leader, who was on the phone to me asking if he could come round to talk and chant with me, etc, I politely declined, I feel as I need space to investigate my practice.

Anyway this polite but unnecessary pressure was the ‘kick in the pants’ that I needed, I had found out that a friend who I met when I practiced Zen at Sheffield, has recently opened a Zen group in Bolsover, so I emailed Mark and went through last night , it was a great feeling of returning , the venue was different, Mark now leads the group rather than Bob, but still it felt as though I had returned ….


Elsewhere, I’ve had to send my 5th request for my completion certificate to U-West for my ‘Humanistic Buddhism & Leadership’ course, we’ll see, I’m not going to hold my breath.


On Saturday I’m taking my level 1 (Shoden) in Reiki healing, I’m hoping that a better grasp of Ki energy and how to work with it, will help my Aikido, and allow me to broaden my understanding in using Ki for something other than martial arts.


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