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Reiki level 1

September 27, 2015

Last Saturday (19th September) I took my level 1 course (Shoden) in Reiki, the course was very interesting and enjoyable, I ‘underwent’ 3 attune-ments, during the course and carried out a Reiki treatment to finish of with.

I now have 21 days to perform self healing (once a day) until the full extent of those chakra opening exercises of the course take effect.

I think it’s safe to say that I expected too much from the course, that’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy or get something out of the course, but I guess I wanted to ‘feel’ different about KI so I could have gone to Aikido on Monday and feel KI working, but I didn’t feel anything different, so at first it felt a bit like the ‘emperor’s new clothes’ – in so far as you have your eyes closed during the Reiki tune ups, and although you may feel no difference, you’re told that some times this is normal, while you’re carrying out your first ‘healing’ learning the hand positions, the Reiki master, holds their hands over yours and assures you they felt the energy.


So I guess that’s the problem, with holistic & energy based practices (including Aikido to some extent) there comes a time when the science comes to an end and you’re left with trust and faith.

It’s still early days I guess (week 1 of my 3 week self healing) so I’ll update here after day 21.


We had a good class at Aikido on Monday, I worked with Wes all night – worked on some of the 3rd kyu syllabus again, three key issues popped up again which I’m working on (A) staying relaxed throughout, let it happen, don’t make it happen (B) keeping kote gaeshi on my one point (C) don’t load up the front leg before turning and changing direction.


I hosted the district discussion meeting on Wednesday, after we had a talk, I let Lynne know that I would be leaving for Zen (full time) at the end of the Year, I’m not sure if the full effects of this are clear to district members yet, I’ve agreed to continue produce the monthly meeting schedule until December and host at least the planning meeting until then.

Talking of Zen, I’ll hopefully be back through to Bolsover on Thursday next week, so that should be good.


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