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Before the clocks go back

October 24, 2015

‘The vibrant green shoots of Spring,

Where have you gone?

The lush leafy canopies of Summer,

Where have you gone?

As I walk through the fallen leave of Autumn,

I think of impermanence’


It was great to see so many new faces at the Zendo last week, and I hope to see then again this week


Aikido went well on Monday, covering some of the weapons section of the syllabus, Sensei’s back injury reoccurred whilst doing the ukemi part of the warm ups so he spent the most part of class teaching from the side of the mat.

We covered the 1st Tanto tai-gi, and bokken vs Jo numbers 1 & 2, this was followed by Ian’s suggestion using Aikido to defend a 3rd person being threatened by a knife, therefore we were having to take the initiative, at the same time being aware of the safety of ourselves and the 3rd person.


With about 9 lessons left until the end of the year (taking into account of the Christmas holidays) this year seems to have flown by, and although my progress in Ki Aikido has been a bit hit and miss, at least I’m back on the mat training again.


I’m also glad that I’ve returned to my Zen practice, and although with the distance I can only make once a fortnight (at the moment) I’m hoping to go on sesshin next Year, Mark has asked if I would be willing to lead a sitting in December, so I’m looking forward to that.


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