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Sitting in self judgement

November 2, 2015

I was listening to a on-line dharma talk from William Nyogen Yeo, recently and he was saying that his teacher the late Taizan Maezumi Roshi, used to say that getting to the cushion is the victory, once you’re there you shouldn’t judge whether you are having a good sitting or bad, just sit, getting to the cushion and sitting is the victory.


We could also equate this to getting to the dojo, don’t necessarily judge whether you’re having a good lesson or bad lesson, just get to the dojo, get on the mat and train that is the victory.


Last week at Aikido was a bit of a strange class, with Sensei teaching from the sidelines (due to his persistent back injury) we worked our way through the 3rd kyu Tanto and hanmi handachi syllabus, Sensei seems to think that being in seiza position (kneeling down but up on the balls of your feet) as tori is aggressive and prefers us to be in keiza (kneeling feet flat) also having a kamae (guard like) hand position is also too aggressive – so with this line of thinking our shikko practice at the beginning of class would be highly aggressive then?


Bite your tongue, bow your head, and move on, when in Rome etc…


I found sitting difficult this week at the Zen group on Thursday, the singing or drama group downstairs (in the community centre) were being especially loud this week,

(I remember back when Mark and I were practicing at the Zen group in Sheffield with Bob Bowles, sometimes the clock would be ticking too loud for Bob’s liking and would take it doen and put it outside the room) after sitting and tea, we’re doing a group reading / listening practice followed by discussion, we’re working our way through ‘the dharma eye never sleeps’ by Gempo Roshi, I assisted with the bell during the service.


The weekend was of course Halloween, many White Plum Asanga’s celebrate Obon on Halloween (instead of the traditional date in August).


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