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Fog fireworks rain

November 6, 2015

We started the week here in South Yorkshire under a thick blanket of fog, this was replace midweek by rain, oh well it’s still fairly mild for November.


Sensei was in China Monday, so Aidy to the class, working our way through the 3rd kyu syllabus, looking this week at immobilisations and throws, we worked on gross motor skills, so getting through as much as we could in the time provided, basically looking at the movement and mechanics of the technique – leave the deeper study of the minutiae and subsequent critique for Sensei.


I’m quietly confident with tenkan 1 and irimi 1 for most part of the syllabus, but I get confused with some of the Tenkan 2 and Irimi 2 – not the initial movement but the movement directly afterwards, either a 180º turn with a step or a step and another turn, so I’ve decided to start to film Sensei when he’s demonstrating so I can review and practice at home.


I held my final (Doncaster & Rotherham SGI-UK) district planning meeting  on Wednesday as I’m stepping down from my responsibility with the district schedule, I initially agreed to cover the schedule for someone who was away on holiday last December through to March, and here we are in November the following year, no one turned up for the meeting which is no surprise really.


We had an unhelpful and unnecessary email from one of our HQ leaders complaining about where meetings are being held, and yet no one is willing to host meetings or even turn up for planning, so I’m going to let the HQ leader step in at this point and arrange things herself.


For the rest of this year (and going forward) I’ll be focussing on my Zen practice , I’ll leave the politics and falling out, to the folks of the SGI-UK, who seem to enjoy that kind of thing.


We stood out in the drizzle on Thursday watching the fireworks at one of our local displays, and although I grew out of the thrill of fireworks many years ago, I couldn’t help but smile at the amount of enjoyment and excitement my daughter gets from the bangs and flashes, it was worth standing with her on my shoulders, while we both got gently soaked.


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