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November wrap up

December 1, 2015

Apologies for not posting the last few weeks.


I’ve recently been unwell, with what the Doctor’s suspect (or best guess) was an inflamed appendix, so after missing work for Doctors appointments, and hospital visits, being prodded and poked and having blood taken.


Things seem on the mend now, I suppose like many my health is something I just take for granted, until it fails.


In a similar vein, my car started making rather loud noises from the rear nearside, I took it to my trusted mechanic ‘Dave’ who, diagnosed it has it as a snapped rear shock absorber.


I feel really bad about missing Zen Buddhist meetings, this last few weeks, and not being able to support the sangha.


At Aikido the last few weeks we’re still working through 3rd kyu syllabus, we recently began to learn Jo Kata 1, which isn’t the same as 13 Jo kata (as I wrongly assumed) it has 44 movements, and moves in a linear fashion, so far we’re up to about movement 14.


The other week I was really struggling with kaiten nage again, it’s getting my head around the movement of uke’s arm (the large circular movement) being in front of Uke, rather than drawing the arm to the rear of uke, it comes down to technique commitment – what I’ve found with Ki Aikido, is that we don’t commit to the technique until the final moment, whereas with Aikikai often tori (nage) take’s control of uke early, but in doing so often puts them into a position of commitment to that technique.


I sent out my final schedule (for the local SGI district) with some kind words for those who’ve helped and supported my practice, I’m not closing the door on Nichiren Buddhism, I just want to explore a bit more (as I’ve discovered is my fundamental nature –looking back at my 30 years in Martial arts) and discover what Buddhist practice looks like and feels like for me.

I’ll miss Lynne, her effervescent energy and faith, who fought so hard for our district, but eventually succumbed to the polite pressure and bureaucratic interference from HQ, and has sadly now left our district, I’ll also miss Marcus and his Thursday night visits sharing our home and a meal with my family after evening gongyo, I hope he can see past our differences in our paths of Buddhism (not a problem for me, but I suspect a rather larger obstacle for him) and remain good friends.


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