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Into December

December 7, 2015

Well I’m happy to announce that my old car is has been fixed and once again I’m mobile again.

It was strange, that as my wife and I were discussing the cost’s involved in getting the car fixed, we were deciding the measures and changes to our lives to be without one.

We began to create an ‘alternate reality’ where we had no carso I would have to stop training at Aikido (instead we decided either go back to Wing Chun, or join the gym) and as for Zen I would just have to sit at home.

In our minds we were dealing with life as it could be, rather than as it is.


I really was pleased to be back at Stonewater Zen Derbyshire on Thursday, the first time back in 4 or 5 weeks, due to my illness and a broken down car, during the first zazen sitting my mind was quite frantic and I realised I was ‘trying’ too hard, during the second sitting, I began to count breaths and was able to relax a lot more, due to the low numbers last night, and Peter leaving early, Mark ‘Kogan’ Shawcroft and I just had a good old chat, about our practice – which was very nice.

With Mark being on retreat next week with Kaizen Sensei, I’m taking responsibility of Jikido for the group.


I’m enjoying David Chadwick’s book ‘Thank you and okay’ at the moment, recounting his times living in Japan and his time at Zen monasteries.

From this book I learned the phrase – ‘Ashita wa asu no kaze go fuku’ –tomorrows wind blows tomorrow.



With only 2 Zen meetings left and probably 3 Aikido classes left until the end of the Year, I’m looking forward to winding down towards the end of 2015, and then starting fresh for the New Year.


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