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Osame keiko 2015

December 18, 2015

So Monday was our last Aikido class of the Year, we didn’t actually know until we turned up and Sensei announced the news.

We continued working through the 3rd Kyu syllabus and ended with Jo kata no1, after looking online for some guidance after class, (so I can practice during the club closure for the holidays) It turns out the it’s also called the 22 count jo kata, as I’m plodding my way through, I’m counting at least 27 movements, so I guess some movements must be doubled up, rather than individual.


This research also raised an interesting issue – online, these were demonstrating a throat strike after the first rear strike to the knee (time after time I found this to be the case) whereas on Mondays class, after the first knee strike, we bring the Jo around and strike to the knee level again (to the front) I emailed Sensei to enquire about this, and his research and reference also says throat strike, but he was taught a knee strike, by his teacher.


So I suppose it raises the question about using information from different sources, do you remain I guess ‘loyal’ to your Sensei’s teachings, or do you go looking for information for yourself, I’ve decided the former is the more respectful of the two choices, It also is probably safer for class practice, the only reason I raised the issue with Sensei, is I didn’t know if the association (BKAA) would mark students down for this (during for example a grade exam) or if there is a degree of leniency between clubs and instructors.

It also raises the form v’s function (or form for forms sake) and if instructors pass on to their students exactly what they were taught, or if they go back to the source and teach from a ‘known’ reference point.

I’ve had personal experiences of this from my Karate and Taekwondo background so will probably address this issue in the New Year.


Thursday night was our last Zen meeting until the New Year, Mark was fresh back from retreat, and he gave an interesting talk on form in the Zendo and during the service, we also had a talk about the plans for the group for the New Year, and having more structure to our group meetings.


The wife has enrolled me into the local ‘commercial franchise gym’ our first class together is Sunday, so at least 2016 should see a fitter version of me.


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