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The treasure of the mundane

January 8, 2016

Emerging from our holiday slumber

We step forth bleary eyed

Into the treasure of the mundane


Happy New Year!!

I started back to work on Monday (4th January) after a relaxing and enjoyable break, spent in the company of my family, probably ate too much food, and I hurt my back in the gym, so I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I would have liked to.


Monday night was also our return to Aikido –  After the warm ups and aiki-taiso, Sensei began class looking at some of the aiki-taiso exercises, with a partner and their application with regards to setting up the movement to perform technique.

After that it was straight back into 3rd kyu syllabus work, looking in particular to using the ‘corner step’ movement (or escape) It was great to be back on the mat training again.


Thursday night was the start back of our small Zen group in Bolsover (StoneWater Zen Derbyshire) it was a steady start back, Mark is slowly going to introduce more of a formal service into our sitting practice, also we are hoping to get over to the StoneWater Zen centre in Liverpool in February, so that should be great!


At the end of last year (2015) I decided to make the commitment to my Zen Buddhist practice and look into taking the precepts, to this end I ordered my Rakusu kit from Zen River, and it arrived on Wednesday, doing some on-line reading and research, some estimate between 40-70 hours of sewing to complete the Rakusu, in my own mind it will take as long as it takes, I intend to take my time and make every stitch with mindfulness and good intention. With my sewing skills being pretty rubbish I expect this project could take me the best part of the Year to complete.


I suppose it’s the time of year where people start to look at holiday brochures, and it looks like we’ll be away ourselves in early June, on another budget holiday (courtesy of the Sun newspaper coupons) this time to North Wales, so that’s something to look forward to.


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