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The sat-nav of Damocles

January 29, 2016

Last night at Zen, my god old ‘monkey mind’ was having a great time, let me set the ‘scene’ for you, after getting in from work at quarter past six, I had to be back out on the road for quarter to seven, anyway the motorways were well behaved and got to the Bolsover community centre at about twenty past seven, but the usually poor car parking, last night was dire, so I had to drive around trying to find alternate car parking, not too far from the centre.


I got parked up, locked the car and jogged around to the centre, said a few brief hello’s and took up my place, ready to meditate, and along came the monkey mind…did I remove the sat-nav from the windscreen, I couldn’t remember, …..I’d given the monkey mind an opening, so now going through my mind was the ‘fact’ that I had left my sat-nav on display, so the car would be broken into and stolen, I would have to drive home with a broken window, the inside of the car may be wrecked, etc, etc.

The thought of all this was dangling in my mind – like the sword of Damocles – the sat-nav of Damocles, suspended not from a single horse hair, but from the manic hands of my very own created monkey mind.

I got back to the car, I had put the sat-nav away, car was fine…


On Monday night at Aikido, Sensei spoke of his own teacher whom I will call ‘K-J’ to protect his identity, apparently he had a very negative teaching style, wandering around the mat saying his favourite “no, no, no…” , when ‘K-J’ left the UK for the Mediterranean, on his last night as the class finished, he simply collected his jacket and bowed out, that was it, no big goodbyes, no last words of wisdom to the black belts who were going to run his club.

So I suppose we should be thankful for Sensei, his often terse style of teaching is a blessing compared to that of his teacher.


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