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Liverpool Zazenkai

February 22, 2016

So Saturday 20th February, Mark Shawcroft and I travelled across to the StoneWater Zen Centre in Liverpool for Saturday morning Zazenkai, we had three sittings, followed by a teisho given by John ‘Suigen’ Kenworthy.

The talk was very interesting, what does it mean when we or society labels us as ‘Buddhist’ the expectations we and others have when we (or others use that label), e.g. I shouldn’t do —- because I’m a Buddhist (or because he’s a Buddhist), we also talked about Zen Buddhist practice and how it is often seen as being selfish.


It was a long day, with the travelling etc, but well worth it.


The selfish side of practice is something that has come up in my own practice recently , whether or not I’m being selfish, spending the time and money going to the Easter retreat, on the other hand 80% of my earnings goes back into paying bills and keeping a roof over our heads and food on the table, so maybe I shouldn’t feel guilty about spending the time and money on the retreat, either way…


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