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One stitch forward, two stitches back

March 4, 2016

I thought I was making good progress with my Rakusu, after what seems like weeks of measuring and marking, then tacking I was able to get down to actually sewing the panels together to form the so called ‘rice field’ – if you’re not sure what I’m talking about google a picture of a Rakusu ( the middle part with all the different strips of cloth sewn together is often referred to as the rice field) I eventually ended up with 3 pieces ready to be sewn to complete this part, I placed them side by side and started to re-measure before sewing, only to find out that it was too narrow by about half an inch, so I had to unpick some of the sewing ready to start over again.


I often feel my Aikido is following the same pattern, one step forward, two steps back, just when you think you’ve got the hang of a technique, Sensei comes along and throws something into the mix, “yea that’s good, but now try doing this..” Sensei was watching us closely on Monday, so maybe the grade is coming up soon, he has started to fine tune the techniques, now that we have the larger mechanical movements (gross motor skills – to be technical about it).


The last couple of weeks Sensei has been introducing some Ki testing (towards our 3rd kyu) some of this I find very difficult, fascinating but really difficult. I may post next week about the Ki testing.


I was quite surprised mid-week to have a dream about Taekwondo, in the dream, I was sitting on a grade panel watching a line of juniors go through some basic forms, I gave up Taekwondo (after 19 years of training & teaching) in September 2010, to focus on my Aikido, I do miss the teaching aspect of it… but that was then and this is now, the dream may have been triggered by my thoughts of starting my daughter in a local Taekwondo club, although I’m not sure finances will allow that at the moment, but I’ll keep the thought on the back burner for a while.



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